?? night time cluster feefing and reverse sleeping?

by beth
(greenville, SC, usa)

I'm a new mom and my baby is about 10-11 days old. At first when my milk came in I was struggling with engorgement, but after that evened out through pumping my left nipple started to hurt a lot and crack and bleed.

The Lactation consultant I talked to said to use bactracin and pump on that side and use a slow flow bottle Dr Brown's because she had seen me and seen that my baby had a good latch and did not think that this would undue the progress we had made.

So I started pumping on the left and feeding him the slow flow bottle. He did great. And since my right nipple was OK we continued to nurse at every feeding from that too. well last night it scared me BC he did some cluster feeding and I felt maybe he got too much from the bottle because he went after it voraciously.

And we had a 3-4 hr cluster feeding session between the bottle, my right breast, and i even brought my left breast back into play, but afterwards decided that wasn't best because it hurt again after nursing.

We have also been following the 1-3 hr day schedule and 2-4 hr this has been difficult because I don't get much sleep at night because he is a slow nurser.

I'm wondering if I should approach it with more of an on demand thing during the day and hope for longer stretches at night.

Any wisdom on how to get longer stretches at night? I have been letting him nap for a long time during the day and I heard that might hurt their nighttime patterns.

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Jul 21, 2014
some advice
by: Tracy

Hi Beth

I always recommend to breastfeed on demand, I personally do not believe in schedules...especially now that your baby has reached the two week mark.

It could be that your baby is going through a growth spurt, during these times a baby sometimes drinks more than usual, its nothing to worry about and feeding frequency should normalize again within a few days.

There is a way to get him to sleep longer stretches. You can pump as you are, but separate the foremilk from the hind milk. You can do this, by pumping the watery foremilk and putting this one side. Then pump the thicker milk and keep this hindmilk for night time feedings. The hindmilk will keep your little one satisfied longer, because it contains more fats. You can then mix the extra foremilk with the day time feeds.

In connection with your nipple that cracks and bleeds. Have you tried different breastfeeding positions on that side? Sometimes, when a baby is positioned differently, it can reduce friction.

Is there a noticeable difference in nipple size or shape on that side?
Have you tried using lanonlin?

The long naps during the day could definitely effect the sleeping pattern at night. Is he sleeping longer than 3 hour stretches during the day? If so, I know it can be difficult to get them to wake up...you could try. Or try to breastfeed him while he is half asleep, this will ensure that he is not as hungry during night hours. Reverse cycling is common and natural...but I know its not easy for a mom. (my little girl did this for a few months)

I hope this was helpful, let me know how things go! Would love to hear from you again


P.S. I've posted this on our facebook page so that you get more advice...

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Jul 21, 2014
No schedule
by: Sara

I am on my second baby and have let them both create their own schedules. I feed on demand and sometimes I feel like it is every 20 minutes. My first would take many naps during the day and eat every two hours at night. My second (12 weeks) has started staying up most of the day and sleeping for increasing amounts of time at night. Last night was five hours before she woke up to eat.

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