9 years old and still breastfeeding

My son is now 9 years old and still going strong.

I love the bond it has created, we are like two peas in a pod! I still pick him up at lunch time to breast feed him. I'm just using them like god intended.

I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

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Mar 08, 2012
by: Anon

I think that's great!

Your son probably hardly ever gets sick. People look at me funny when I tell them that I breastfed my son at 4, even now I still pump and give him breast milk lollies...and he knows its breast milk, he loves them.

Breast milk really is liquid gold and if you can give it to your child at the age on 9, why not??

You go girl!

Jan 27, 2014
extended breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

As a very strong supporter of extended breastfeeding; I honestly don't believe that you should NEVER EVER have to stop breastfeeding your 9 year old child; however, if he/she wants to breastfeed in public; I would seriously find a much more private place to nurse your 9 year old for example in the privacy of your home. If your 9 year old child still demands to breastfeed in public always make sure that you have a large cover for his/her head while he/she is breastfeeding then when he/she is finished breastfeeding; you can then remove the cover. Breastfeeding is awesome regardless of the age and it's ALWAYS nutritional for your child no matter how old he/she is. I highly applaud you for breastfeeding your 9 year old KEEP GOING and don't let other people say any rude comments if they do, pay no mind to them; your only giving your child the very best nourishment in all the world... Your Breastmilk!!

Feb 09, 2014
older children breastfeeding

As a very strong supporter of extended breastfeeding, I don't think that a 9 year old is too old to still be nursing! for all of you people who are so strongly against extended breastfeeding, don't worry as to how long any mother decides to continue nursing her child who cares if it's beyond an age that most people would find shocking (let's say about 6, 7, years) besides... it's NOT your child anyway! Breastfeeding is so beneficial and nutritional for any child regardless of his/her age!!

Mar 10, 2014
Love it
by: Anonymous

I love this concept. I have a ten year old daughter I breastfeed too! She loves it. I pick her up from lunch evereyday and she has her session. I was wondering what do the kids at school think your son is doing? They think my daughter just likes eating at home. My daughter nurses 3 times a day. I will never stop nursing her until she's ready. We have a very strong bond. At night our nursing sessions sometimes last 3 hours! I LOVE the feeling I have when I breastfeed. It comforts her also! I hope that you never stop breastfeeding until your son wants to. You go girl!

Mar 11, 2014
breastfeeding older kids
by: Steve

to the mother still breastfeeding her 10 year old girl... GO FOR IT!! no matter the age of your child your breastmilk is always beneficial and very nutritional for your 10 year old daughter. I highly applaud you for allowing your 10 year old daughter to continue her bonding through breastfeeding. Who cares as to what other people say or even think? if your 10 year old daughter still enjoys nursing on your breast by all means let her!! (that's in the privacy of your home and not in public!)

Jun 27, 2014
Thank you for posting this and for the comments..
by: Anonymous

This is really encouraging. I know that there are cultures that nurse 9 yrs and more and that breastmilk nutritional value increases over the years.

My daughter is 14 3/4 months and we breastfeed. Sadly though I am going through a custody case with my abusive ex boyfriend and I fear that I am going to have to defend our right to breastfeed past infancy....

thank you for posting this and the comments on this...they are honestly really encouraging and helpful :)

Jul 24, 2014
older kids breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

to the mother who's still breastfeeding her 14 year old; I highly applaud you for continuing to breastfeed your daughter. Mother's breastmilk is always beneficial and nutritional for children regardless of their age.

Only one suggestion, I would highly suggest that you would nurse your daughter in the privacy of your home; if you breastfeed in public, your daughter might get made fun of (and I'm sure your 14 year old daughter doesn't want to be made fun of; unless she's used to it. But, whenever you nurse in public, be sure to do it ''very discreetly'' this way, as your 14 year old daughter is nursing on your breast, only you (her mother) and your 14 year old daughter can only see your breast as she's nursing.

Nov 29, 2014
Something To Think About
by: Anonymous

I breastfed my second son until he was 7 years old. He is now 37. A few years ago, he asked me why I had nursed him so long. He told me that he is embarrassed about it now.

Just something for extended breastfeeding moms to think about. How will your son or daughter feel about it 20 years from now?

Dec 16, 2014
Nursing older children
by: Anonymous

I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding children until they wean themselves. I still am nursing my 8 and 10 year old sons.

Jan 01, 2015
Mother is mentally ill.
by: Anonymous

You are a very ill woman. You are really screwing up your child. What if he starts feeling sexual feelings toward you. You can really damage your son. You shouldn't even have one and you need to be investigated.

Jan 06, 2015
Breast feeding
by: Anonymous

Giving breast milk to your child at an older age is fine but to put your breast in a 9-10-11year olds mouth is not appropriate and you should consider an alternative like bottling. Teach your kids to grow up not remain a baby...let's be real here.

Jan 06, 2015
This is sick
by: Anonymous

I breastfeed my 2 month old.

My goal is 6 months and I highly respect mothers who make it longer than that. But there comes a point when it needs to stop.

I was actually joking with my mother saying I was going to breastfeed my daughter forever, and I'll just pick her up for lunch every day.

I didn't know people actually did that! I got my period when I was 10, for gods sake.

I think that's a little old to be nursing. If you want your children to have the health benefits, why not just pump and give it to them?

Being almost in middle school and still sucking on your moms tit.. That's got to cause some major psychological issues.

Jan 12, 2015
keep on feeding
by: Anonymous

i am a nudist mom,raising my 7 boys nude in nature.24-7.,home-school.,cosleep.....i beleive that the breasts are for nuturing and affection for my children...among them are 11 yr. old twin boys..and my oldest.age 12...they say all they love the nudist life and super love to breastfeed...

i was blessed with huge breasts and nipples,and the other nudist moms here call me "Mother-Nature.

yes i breast my ii tr. old twins to-gather,,,and then my 12 yr old and another.No need to stop....i beleive in child-led weaning.By the way...we moms nurse each others kids also.

Jan 12, 2015
breasts are for bonding
by: Anonymous

i am a mom in my mid 20's...i see that some moms still see the breasts as mainly sex objects...we should not put this concept off onto our innocent kids,,,,I have several boys,including 11 yer old twins and a 12 yr old that i am raising as nudists.

24-7..on private property in the tropics.I .breastfeed ALL my boys and usually 2 at a time.).for comfort,security, bonding affection,and love.

they will say when they wish to stop.

Jan 30, 2015
26 yr. old son breastfed ~3 yrs., then "nursed" 'til age 9.
by: Thérèse

After age 2-3 yrs., I began calling it "nursing," because the nursing seemed to be for comfort, and not for nutrition, albeit apparently there still is nutritional value in the milk, but my son wasn't getting that much.

He could go and spend the night at his grandparents, cousins, and when school age, at school friends' houses, and fall asleep fine, not nursing.

His father even took him to England for 3 weeks when he was ~4 = no problem. When he was with me, he nursed and fell asleep (at bedtime), during the day he would take a nip now and then.

He was/is extraordinarily healthy. Even friends and co-workers comment to him now - how he is never sick. He went through college in 2 1/2 years, got a graduate degree, and lives financially independent since those years.

It was no big deal for either of us, I didn't mind, I could say "no," if I wanted to do something else. When he was just going to turn 9, he stopped - no fanfare.

Perhaps because his leading the weaning was such a gradual process, my body responded with producing less and less milk, as his nursing slowly decreased.

By age 9 he possibly wasn't getting enough milk from me, and so lost interest in nursing.

Regarding our society not valuing extended breastfeeding/nursing, my son has picked up on that, but only as an adult.

While he was doing the nursing as a child, he wanted to, and I was happy to accommodate him. By the way, I went back to work when he was 1 1/2 years, and he would drink cow's milk and eat other foods, and when I showed up = breastfeed / nurse.

It's like a dance, both parties involved need to feel good with their moves. 2 Other sisters of mine, stopped breastfeeding their children at age 3 yrs, mostly because my sisters wanted to for their own reasons.

Again, it wasn't a big deal for my sisters to redirect their young children to be satisfied with cuddling and not nursing anymore.

Jan 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

Why would you put your breast in your pre teen and teen child mouth?

I find it disturbing women still breastfeeding their preteens and teens..why not pump and let them drink from a bottle or cup?

Breastfeeding at those ages is no longer a bonding experience and is no longer for the child its for the mom.

Mar 11, 2015
by: Norma Beltaine

I was raised in a nudist family in Switzerland , my siblings and I were nursed into our teens..my mom taught that the breasts are not obscene sex object..they are for bonding and affection first of all for the children !!!

Nursing should not be seen as sex, but a natural manifestation of love and affection ....if you give your kids hugs and kisses,why not breastfeeding?

of course if you are a nudist family it is a lot easier...we home-school,co-sleep.I am 27 ,WAS A MOM AT 15, and breastfeed my boys usually 2 at a time for convenience, ages 6 to 12 including 2 sets of twins, 7 and 11.there is no age limit on kissing and hugging your kids or mate,why have a limit on breastfeeding?

moms what say you

Mar 11, 2015
You do it for your own reasons
by: Anonymous

Are use serious. Wtf. I can see doing it till your 3 or 4 but 9,10,11, or 14 are you serious. If your kids friends knew about that they would get made fun of continuously.

You do it for your own reasons not cause its good for them. Your crazy. And one day your kids are gonna be like wtf mom. You will see

Mar 23, 2015
Breastfeeding supporter
by: Chan Dan

This is best site I have ever found..so many awesome and kind mothers. You all doing great job..please keep it up. I wish I had moms like you all...wish to chat with such moms..I am FB :)

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