A better letdown

by Tiffany
(Grovetown, ga, us.)

When I pump it takes me like 3 mins to get a let down and with each let down I get .5 ounces I get maybe 4 let downs in a 15 minute period on just one side.

I've been pumping like this for 3 days now and can't seem to get more just a couple ounces just from the left breast I can't get any from my right. And this an hour after I feed my daughter.

How can increase how much I'm getting when I pump?

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Nov 01, 2013
by: Lyssa

On average, a baby eats an ounce to an ounce an a half every hour between feedings. Usually, when a mom is exclusively breastfeeding, she makes exactly enough for what her baby needs.

Getting "only" an ounce after baby eats is great! The people you hear pumping 3+ oz are usually the ones pumping exclusively every three hours or pumping while away from their baby.

Some woman are just unable to effectively pump. Some woman find it easier to hand express, you can find videos on Youtube of good tecniques.

You can also try "power pumping". You pump 20 mins on and 20 mins off for an hour on, hour off for a few hours at the same time every day for a few days and this can sometimes increase supply.

I really would not worry about your supply.

Nov 02, 2013
not better if u get a forceful let down
by: ruby

Is there a reason why ur pumping?!? Are u going back to work?!? Or just stocking up on supply?!? I was pumping an only getting an 1/2 once on each side an i stopped pumping an just put my baby on when she gets hungry since i pumped i increased my supply but now when i latch my baby on its to much for her to handle so she chokes an gasps for air n i feel bad i have like 15 bags of milk put away but if u latch them when there hungry supply dont really need to be stolked

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