Acid Reflux in Infants

How to Deal with Acid Reflux in Infants:

  • A Wedge Pillow: Lifts the baby’s upper body about thirty degrees, while he/she sleeps, so that the milk and stomach acid in their tummies stays down. There are many different types of wedge pillows available, and some medical insurances do cover the cost.
  • Reclined Breastfeeding Positions: This will automatically place your baby at an incline and allow for relief. Your baby can lie on your tummy or sit next to you whilst breastfeeding. Skin to skin contact will soothe your baby too.
  • Incline Breastfeeding whilst Sitting: The wedge pillow can be placed on your lap in a cradle hold position, so that your baby’s head is higher than his/her tummy. This will allow for the milk and stomach acid to stay down during breastfeeding.
  • Hold Baby Upright after Breastfeeding: For at least fifteen to twenty minutes, to allow for all the air to escape and for your baby’s tummy to settle after a feed. Remember bouncing might cause spitting up, so hold your baby still after feedings. Also notice your baby’s breathing, acid reflux breathing is associated with a wheezing sound, due to the spitting up and coughing.
  • Infant Massage has been found to Help. Gentle massage can help to alleviate pain and discomfort. Massaging your baby's skin will stimulate the nerveous system, including the Vagus nerve. This nerve controls the digestive system. Our page on massage advantages, techniques and step by step videos. 

Other ways of Dealing with Acid Reflux in Infants

  • Ensure a Good Latch: Make sure that your baby is latched on properly, to avoid unnecessary air from going into the tummy.
  • Burp More Often During a Feed: The amount of air build up in a baby’s tummy will be less if he/she is burped more often during a feed. When the baby leaves the breast during a feed, it would be a good time to burp your baby and then let him/her continue to breastfeed. 
  • Smaller more Frequent Feeds: A smaller feed is easier for a baby to digest, and feeding more frequently will ensure that your baby gets enough milk.
  • Avoid Car Seats or Swings: Any pressure on your baby’s belly will aggravate the reflux. Car seats tends to bend babies over slightly, which causes pressure on the stomach. Also keep this in mind, whilst you are burping your baby, try to avoid too much pressure on the abdomen.
  • Do not Bounce Baby: Any vigorous movement will worsen reflux symptoms. Acid reflux coughing is usually wet; Your baby might cough after a feed, as the milk comes back up.
  • Avoid Tobacco Smoke Exposure: It causes irritability and colic symptoms.
  • Excessive Caffeine Intake: High amounts of caffeine in ones diet, can be a contributing factor.

Treating Colic and Acid Reflux in Infants with Essential Oils

These are just a few practical ways to deal with acid reflux in infants. It is imperative that you find the cause and gage the severity of your baby’s reflux. Some spitting up, during the first few weeks of a baby’s life, is normal. For more information on infant acid reflux click here.

To hear what other moms are experiencing click here to read this forum.

Acid reflux medicine is available; refer to your pro breastfeeding doctor for advice on these medications.

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Calming Acid Reflux symptoms too

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