almost success then drop back down

by Jacqueline

I hoped to breastfeed my baby as studies shown that breastmilk has more nutrition than formula, but due to flat nipple she is unable to latch.. and when she does suck a little, nothing much comes out making her cry terribly..

First few weeks, aside from pumping, I was trying to make her latch once in a while.. as i read babies can help produce milk a lot better than pumps..
but she just wont last even 5 minutes..
So i gave up on that..

Managed to give her half breastmilk and half formula on the first month.. After endless pumpings..

Second month was my 'almost success', only had to give her formula twice a day max..

Now is my third month.. I'm dropping back down.. One day after a bad engorged breast and a new pump (old one spoilt).. milk supply decreased by half....

Have tried different things to increase it again these 2 weeks, but failed...
What's worse my baby seem to be needing more milk than before, making me feel more like a failure..

Although my situation is not as bad as some moms, but I still feel very sad, specially when I was just starting to be happy and confident on the second month after all the hard work.. but now its gone again...

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