Ambivalence about weaning

by Amina

Hi, My nearly 2 year old son (#2) absolutely LOVES booby - in fact, he calls them "my boobies.'

After having a very preemie baby, the first time (now 5yrs old) and really struggling with my breastfeeding journey then - though I am immensely proud of what I accomplished - it has been much easier this time round.

But now, I am dealing with some pretty major hormonal imbalances and pretty huge weight gain that is not moving regardless of what I do.

I am working with a very good Dr (who is not encouraging weaning) and yet I am reluctantly feeling like it may well be time. I would be happy to (in fact, planned to) feed until he was 3 or 4 - but my body is really struggling.

My son can get a bit obsessed with booby and definitely prefers it over solids (though he does have a good and balanced diet). It can interfere with his sleeping and I think it is interfering with my relationship with my husband as well - I just feel sometimes like everyone wants a piece of me. Anyone else ever feel like that sometimes?

The problem is, I guess, that I would really rather he just chose to give it up on his own - but I want that to happen sooner rather than later so I can get well again - and given the choice, I reckon he'd wean at about 12 years lol!

I really love the deep connection we share and that close time when feeding, and I love how into it he is - also being able to give that to him feels really good, but sometimes I am a bit resentful too - and that can't be good. I am having trouble letting go - and would love to hear from anyone who has felt similarly.
Thanks xxx

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Apr 01, 2014
ending your nursing relationship
by: Anonymous


Congrats on making it this far!

I know how you feel, my little girl was also very attached to her "boo boos" hee hee

I had to make that very same difficult decision about 6 months ago, just before her second birthday.

I also wanted her to "self wean" from the breast, knowing that that is ultimately the best thing to do most times, but I believe that in your and my case, it is not the best thing to do. Why?

Because you are unhappy, and so was I. The reason why I weaned, was because I needed to sleep at night! She would wake me at least 3 times at night to breastfeed. I needed my sleep!

So, sometimes we need to look after ourselves and be a little selfish! So that we can be the best mommies for our babies.

It was not easy! But, i decided not to give in, I stopped breastfeeding in a matter of about three weeks. I first started refusing feeds during the day and only breastfed before bedtime and at night. All I did was told her that "boobie has gone away" she asked me a few times, but I kept distracting her with something else.

Night feedings were a bit more difficult, I would wake up and just lie with her until she fell asleep, the first few nights she cried quite a bit. It wasnt three days of doing this, and my little girl was sleeping through at night!! I was so relieved, and finally I had the best sleep I had had in literally two years!! LOL

Do it for yourself mamma, you deserve to be happy, you have done enough!

Apr 02, 2014
Taking a deep breath and diving in...
by: Anonymous


Thank you so much for your reply to my post. I was very touched by what you wrote and feel really validated too.

I think I really needed to hear what you said - that it's time to look after me - that I've done enough.

I have tears now just writing this. Well done to you for handling that process so beautifully with your little girl too -- I'm taking notes ;)

Jul 06, 2014
Starting to stop and hoping for the best
by: Anonymous

My little 20 month old loves his boobies too!! It's very emotional to stop breastfeeding, but like many - I had to do it to get some sleep. Plus, not only were the night feeds keeping me exhausted, but they were also screwing up my back! The co-sleeping and breast feeding need to stop... I'm at the end of my rope and I hit the wall - my body is crying for rest ... I know it's time!... I just told my kiddo that his older brother (4 1/2) doesn't need boobies so to be a big boy - no more boobies. The funny thing is - he gets it. I'm writing this as I'm up - happy with the fact that I held-out and stayed strong in withholding the boob... I just rubbed his back and after 15 - 20 minutes of his usual moans - he just went back to sleep! Whew... Hope I can keep this up! ... It's a small thing - but a huge step!! We can do it!! We need to get ourselves back... It's time :).... Good luck and all the best!

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