Are you sure I can't over breastfeed?

by Cindy

My baby has been gaining a pound a week since birth. He is exclusivly breastfed. His birth weight on 9-2-12 was 6.9. He left at 6.4lbs. The next week he was 7.3, the week after he was 8.1, and at his one month well visit he was 10.5lbs. I know every thing says you cant over feed if you are breastfeeding, but that just seems like alot of weight gain very fast.
Any insight?

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Oct 09, 2012
by: Zelda Behr

Most breastfeeding moms worry about their babies in connection with weight gain, it either is: he/she is not picking up enough weight or picking up too little.

The fact is that breastfed babies pick up more weight than formula fed, but it will even-out as he starts becoming mobile.

Most hospital weight charts are specifically formulated according to the growth of a formula fed baby.

Also keep in mind that your baby's length and genetics play a big roll in it.

Things that can cause baby to drink too much.

* Oversupply can make baby gassy and spit up a lot, the discomfort makes them drink more...

oversupply (page on this site)

* During Growth spurts babies may drink more

* Acid reflux can also make baby drink more to comfort the pain.

Remember breast milk is digested easily, so breastfed babies drink more regularly.

Another page that would be good to read, is
foremilk/hindmilk imbalance (also on this site)

Hope this helps and happy breastfeeding.

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