as long as mum and baby are healthy and happy

by CharlotteCharlotte

I'm so glad pages like this exist! I too had my heart set on exclusive breastfeeding-I was so excited for that magical bonding experience with my baby.

After a very difficult and slow labour my son and I were both exhausted-I tried for hours after delivery to feed him with encouragement from the midwives and doctors.

He just could not get the hang of it-after cup feeding him a couple of times I was reassured that eventually he would latch on and I was still encouraged.

However after several hours I was told that we would not be allowed to go home until they had seen him feed one way or the other. I was devastated!

This put a lot of pressure on me to get him to feed and I was really stressed! (Probably making things a million times worse!) I tried all night-hand expressing colostrum and dropping it into his mouth via a syrynge-I saw midwife after midwife each with a different technique and suggestion, but we still couldn't do it.

By the following morning, with still no sleep I gave in to formula and was discharged. I was determined to continue at home-I saw midwives, community support and nurses and still couldn't get the hang of it-he just couldn't latch on.

I felt like such a failure and it was really upsetting-by then my milk had come in and I was expressing as much as I could and topping him up with formula.

This worked for a few weeks but as his appetite increased it was getting too much-I found myself either feeding or expressing and getting no quality time with my son whatsoever.

I was truly devastated. Luckily my husband and midwives were really encouraging and supportive and explained how lucky I was to be able to have the option to provide my son with an alternative feeding method.

I later found out that my son has a laryngeal stridor (this does not cause him problems and at 5 months old he has grown out of it) this would have made it difficult to breastfeed according to research I have read.

I think as mums wanting to breastfeed there is an awful lot of pressure to justify why you are bottle feeding-I still feel the urge to tell the whole story when asked on our chosen feeding method-ridiculous I know, I have come to appreciate that as long as mum and baby are healthy and happy-there isn't really a great deal else to worry about!

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