Avoiding foremilk, hindmilk imbalance while pumping

by Sarah
(GK Germany)

My 10 week old is eating 48 oz a day and I think it's because of this foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. He can't be satisfied and he wants more! He is supposed to have 32 oz max daily for his weight but I pump exclusively for him due to latch problems, he was premature. Do you have any tips for how to prevent overfeeding foremilk when pumping? The more empty my breasts are the higher the fat content of my milk correct? Should I pump & dump some of the foremilk? Is it better to pump every 3 or 6 hours? Hes been so colicky. I have been overfilling his tummy with the first 3 oz off each breast combined in six oz bottle 8 times a day! He makes plenty of pee and poop as that is supposedly the indicator that he's getting enough, clearly not the case! I'm a nurse and this is my third child! Your information about imbalance makes perfect sense but it's news to me!

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Sep 01, 2011
Foremilk / Hindmilk imbalance and pumping
by: Tracy

HI Sarah

Is your milk a light blue color after pumping? If you leave it in the fridge, does it have a nice thick layer of fat on the top? A good mix of hindmilk and foremilk has a darker white or yellow color that is almost as dark as cows milk.

Yes, you are correct...the emptier your breast, the higher the fat content of milk. If you pump and dump, you might end up increasing your milk supply even more.

Have you tried lowering your supply with less pumping? or pumping only from one side every time you pump? Just like blockfeeding, if you where breastfeeding, this will eventually lower your supply so that you have less foremilk.

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