Babies magic tea's magic

by Amanda


I am Amanda, a mom of 21 months cute baby boy. I wanted to share some of my baby-raising experience.

My boy was very gassy since his birth time and when I see the questions and posts of different moms around the world about their concerns about their babies tummy issues, it makes me feel the same way because I was through these nightmares for lots of nights.

My husband works for late hours and I had to take care of my baby almost without his help. I can't complain because what is he doing just for us.

So, I was saying that my boy was really gassy and colicky and due to tummy pains he would cry all the night letting me insane.

I did everything that I knew, but nothing was going to work. We used Zantac, Caro syrup, gas drops and many more but all in vain.

One of my close friends suggested me to use some organic tea.

I was afraid whether it will be safe for my little one or not? She told me that it's safe and free of preservatives, alcohol, and sugar, so no need to worry about its results.

I googled to searched for a safe organic tea and found great reviews about an herbal tea naming babies magic tea.

I started this tea first drinking myself because I was breastfeeding my child. I found some good results in my baby and got a bit satisfied and started the same tea giving my boy directly through a feeder.

Wow, the results were amazing just the very first night.

I slept with my calm baby nearly full night after a long time. Now, I was fully satisfied with this tea and started giving this magic tea on the daily basis and it was working great.

My boy remained no more a colicky baby and he was growing a healthy baby too.

I will suggest all those sleep deprived moms who are getting out of their wits due to their colicky little ones.

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