baby breastfeeding problem

by sathee

My son is 3 months old. I had a cesarean delivery and he was handed to me on 3rd day after his birth to breastfeed(colostrum).

2 days after birth he was bottle fed by nurses). When i tried to breast feed him no milk came out at first go.

But next day with some medication i had enough milk with breasts leaking constantly and paining.

I fed my baby but even after long hrs of feeding he remained unsatisfied and wanted bottle every 2 hrs.

Till date i am struggling to keep him full with my breastmilk but even after 1 hr of continuous nursing he wants bottle milk.

Though I have been able to increase timegap between feeding without increasing formula milk qty i hav never been able to make him spend at least one day entirely on breast milk. Pls suggest what to do to make him 100% breastfed baby.

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Jul 29, 2013
Low Milk Supply
by: Anonymous

You poor thing.

The first 24 hours after birth are important and set up your hormones for breastfeeding and the amount of milk to make so you certainly had a tough start by having a cesarian and not being able to breastfeed straight away or for some time after.

I had a rough start breastfeeding and my milk never fully came in - I never leaked and my breasts never felt full and when I expressed, I only got about 20ml.

The interesting thing is that you sound like you are making enough milk because you said that your milk came in and your breasts were leaking. Do you express in between sessions to increase your supply?

How much milk do you make when you express? Do you feel that your breasts are full? I am wondering whether the baby has just gotten used to getting the milk quickly from the bottle.

You are doing amazing to be still going at 3 months with all your effort. I gave up after 3 months of breast feeding and supplementing because I found it too much emotionally and was devastated that I could not breast feed fully.

I am not sure if the problem was my rough start or that my body just does not make enough milk.

I know that next time, even if I don't make enough milk, I plan to keep breast feeding and supplementing, because once they get to 6 months and start taking in more and more food, then they become satisfied without the bottle top up.

The one thing I did was use an SNS (Supplemental nursing system) which is a bottle that has a tube you tape to your nipple so the baby is topped up with formula / expressed breast milk while you breast feed. This way, all feedings are done at the breast to get you maximum stimulation and maximum milk production.

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