Baby Games

Playing games with your baby is essential to their development. You can purchase items, or create your own games.

There are baby games, mats and developmental toys and activities that can assist your baby on their quest of learning and development.

Baby Games and Activities 

  • Playing peek a boo with your baby and their blanket. 
  • Babies love faces and making a book of faces for your baby and then looking at it with them stimulates face and people recognition. It can also help your baby learn and recognize emotions like happy, sad and mad. 
  • Babies love action and movement and singing and performing action songs is fun and educational for your baby. Just put on some movement songs and dance. 
  • We have always been told not to play with our food, but your baby can play and learn at the same time. They can draw pictures on wax paper with their pudding, stack crackers, make necklaces with cheerios and fruit loops. You can also assist boys with potty training by having them urinate on the cheerios in the toilet. These activities and games are all easy and they can help your baby with development.
  • Activity mats are very popular. There are several choices when trying to choose the mat for your baby. You can make your own out of fabric squares, quilted lining and a fabric backing. This is easy if you have sewing ability and it is less expensive than the bought ones. 
  • If you make a mat for baby, make it with vibrant colors and lots of textures. If you are going to purchase a mat, Baby Einstein and Fisher Price have a variety of styles to choose from at your local department store or you can purchase one online here at amazon.
  • Nesting and stacking toys are essential for your baby’s development. Sights and sound toys are also great.

    It is important that a baby has play time and choosing toys that encourage learning and development can make play time fun and educational.

    By Angela Mccall

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