Baby has gas and spits up often

by Anonymous


I wonder if you can help- I seem to be experiencing a lot of difficulties with breastfeeding! :

- my boy takes in a lot of air (I can hear it going down into his belly) when breastfeeding

- he is sick quite frequently (almost after every feed and sometimes (but not frequently) his whole feed comes up- though this is when he has recently had milk but is giving all the signals he wants more- this makes it hard for me to understand what he wants- and sometimes I think 'maybe this a growth spurt' or that he wants more food because he is growing bigger...

- sometimes me and my partner seem to be awake for hours in a cycle of winding, being sick, changing and feeding- I worry that the baba isn't getting enough sleep- and at other times our boy will sleep for 5 hours at a time. When things are going well- he seems to sleep for 3 hours and then wake for milk, change etc...

- i'm not sure what is too much or too little but appreciate this is hard to gauge from person to person- however, i feel like I need the certainty of a bottle and seeing how much my baby is taking in. I have no real sense of what the volume my boy needs or is taking in (have been advised to express because of a possible fast let down but don't know how much) when he is sick i can't tell how much it is. how big is my babies stomach? and how much does he need?

- my baby seems hungry after he is sick which makes sense- but it doesn't make sense if the sick is excess milk that his little tummy doesn't want.

- he is just over three weeks old and was last weighed three days ago- he had put on weight and is a healthy weight

I hope you can help because i am starting to feel desperate and quite upset by it all!

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Oct 03, 2012
Foremilk /hindmilk imbalance
by: Tracy

I can imagine your frustration! This is a common problem though, even though it is not well known by the people that should know (like the doctors and nurses)

It sounds to me as if you have an oversupply of milk which is causing lactose overload, also commonly referred to as "foremilk/hindmilk imbalance"

There is an easy way to fix this, which will help baby sleep longer stretches at night, help decrease winds and spitting up.

You can start block feeding: this is when you breastfeed from only one breast with each breastfeeding session. What this does, is decrease the amount of watery fore-milk (the milk in the front of your breast's milk producing cells/alveoli) that baby is taking in; baby then receives more of the fatty filling hind milk, which is the milk that comes out later in a feed.

So, in other words you will not change breasts every few minutes, let baby drink from one breast alone, if the other breast becomes a little engorged, you can express some milk for comfort. Then change breasts with your next feeding. Your body will start to produce just the right amount of milk after a few days of doing this; fixing the oversupply problem.

With block feeding, you should see immediate results, your baby should start sleeping longer periods at a time, spitting up less and should seem happier overall. If the problem does persist though, you should maybe try taking baby to the doc to test for acid reflux.

You are doing great, the best for your baby...before you decide to do anything please read these pages...

I really hope this helps

Please let me know how it goes, good luck

Oct 03, 2012
thanks so much!
by: Anonymous

thanks so much! I have also found expressing a bit of milk beforehand really is helpful- and since doing this and taking your advice he has been a lot less sicky and windy. Fingers crossed! x

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