Baby Massage

Baby massage therapy can calm your crying baby and also calm a fussy baby for a relaxed breastfeeding session. Infant massage has other benefits too…

The benefits of infant massage

- Constipation

- Helps with Asthma

- Improving circulation

- Improves sensory awareness

- Skin conditions like eczema

- Enhances the growth of muscles

- Boost your baby’s immune system

- Baby relaxation for a cranky baby

- Increases neurological development

- Relieve pain from colic and teething

- Touch benefits like bonding between parents and child

- Improves self-esteem, body image and social functioning

- Relaxing for parent too (good way for dad to bond with baby)

- Helps your baby sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time

With Baby oil massage it’s best to use oil that is natural and not scented for the first couple of weeks. Remember that baby will put his hands in his mouth, so use natural oil like olive oil, baby oil, pure sweet almond oil or sesame seed oil.

Baby massage oil that is mineral based may be good at waterproofing, but may clog the pores.

After a few months, you can introduce different scented oils that can be stimulating to baby's olfactory system.

Also Look For the following essential Oils That Contain:

- Mandarin essential oil, which is a baby calming massage oil. It can help with baby’s moods and helps your infant sleep peacefully.

- Chamomile essential oil calms skin rashes and any skin irritation. This oil also gives a sense of tranquillity

- Neroli oil increases circulation throughout the body and reduces fear and worry for a calm baby.

Massage techniques and massage strokes:

- For baby colic help: Rub in a circular clockwise direction. Babies with colic usually benefit from having their legs and tummies rubbed. (more help on colic here)

- Wringing motions are extra stimulating and they bring blood to the surface of the skin.

- Milking or effleurage movements have a more calming relaxing effect.

- Keep the temperature when you massage baby warm.

- Do not overtire your baby. Short sessions of massage go a long way.

- For the best baby massage keep the level of noise to a minimum.

- Try different pressures, speed of stroke and number of strokes.

- Massage time for baby is great for after bath time and before bedtime to help him feel relaxed, to soothe and calm him for a better night's rest. If your baby becomes to excited during a massage rather keep the massage sessions for during the day and not before bed time.

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