baby poop and crying at 1 or 3 h after meal

by Anne

Hello. Please help me with my problem because i don t know what it is.

My baby has 5 month and after i brestfeed him at exactly one hour if his asleep he wakes up crying very load and i think his belly hurts.

If i put him back to sleep, after 10 min another cry and after that i put him back and againt after 15 min crys and after thet is another episode at 3 hours after meal.

After this he is sleeping 1/2h hour and is again the time to eat and wakes up. Please tell me what to do.. I give him for colic pain simeticotine and for 2 days colief, a substance with lactose.
Plese help me.

And my second question is if the poop of my baby is normal?

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