baby wont take bottle while mom is at work

by Nana

Thank you for this wonderful website. I am watching our 4 month old granddaughter at our house while her mother (our daughter)returns to her teaching job.

Last week was the first week apart for them. When I tried giving her a bottle of her mother's milk (medela bottle & pump brand) she put it in her mouth then cried and turned her head. During the summer she did successfully take a bottle 3 or 4 times.

We continued to try each day. After a few days, I bought a playtex drop in bottle using the 3-6 mo. nipple. Still no luck. She normally nurses 7am,10am,1pm, and 4pm, etc..

For a week she has not eaten for the 10am and 1pm feedings. Should we continue trying? Or should we introduce a baby cup?

Should we try feeding her formula with one of the above bottles? My daughter has worked hard pumping and storing her breast milk and wants to continue if possible. Thank you for your time and recommendations.

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Sep 04, 2011
Some nipple confusion
by: Tracy

Hi Nana ;-)

I just have a question...does your daughter breastfeed baby when she gets home in the evenings? Many babies will reverse cycle when mom goes back to work. This means that baby will get most of her calories during the evening when mom breastfeeds her. This is completely normal.

Read more about reverse cycling here.

If your daughter is not breastfeeding her baby in the evenings, you will just have to keep giving her the bottle until she becomes accustomed to it...dont worry if she skips a few feeds in the beginning. Alternatively you can use other ways of feeding her like cup feeding...

Read more on alternative feeding methods
Read more about cup feeding
Nipple confusion

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