balancing hormones with the cysts?

by Alyse


My name's Alyse and I am a doula with extra training in lactation, however, my friend has come to me with concerns and I feel I can't offer her the support I know she deserves.

My friend had a emergency ceserean birth for her first baby and consequently was unable to breastfeed. She tried absolutely everything including seeking out advice from Dr. Newman. While she was able to get a little bit of milk it just wasn't substantial enough (about 3 oz for an entire day of pumping).

Now that she is pregnant with her second child she is worried about taking the same path. She wants to try for a VBAC or at least allow herself to labor before going in for another ceserean.

While, my other friend had the same predicament with the first and then an ample supply with the second I know that every situation is different. This particular friend of mine has cysts which was the reason for her first c-section.

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on helping her prepare to breastfeed this second time. Should she pump before birth to encourage milk supply? Are there suggestions for balancing hormones with the cysts?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Sincere thanks,


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Oct 11, 2011
some advice
by: Tracy

Hi Alyse

Have patience with me if I repeat a few things that you already know?

I have had a VBAC as well, for the same reasons. I struggled to breastfeed after the c-section but have succeeded the second time around. I think that the natural birth alone will increase her chances of being successful tremendously.

Babies who are delivered via c-sections have been found to be lethargic and less enthusiastic at sucking for up to two weeks after birth and this could also be one of the reasons why she produced so little milk.

The second time around your milk will usually come in much faster since the breast tissue has grown with your first and second pregnancy.

Ladies with PCOS are usually less likely to breastfeed because of the production of male sex hormones during pregnancy. There are many mothers who breastfeed right through their pregnancies, so I dont see why she cannot start pumping during the pregnancy. Some moms worry that this stimulation during pregnancy will cause early labor, but the oxytocin that is released during pumping/breastfeeding is not enough to cause the cervix to open immaturely. Uterine contractions are experienced throughout pregnancy with exercise and even with orgasm, so there is nothing to worry about there.

Women with PCOS induced insulin resistance can increase their milk supplies by taking Metformin. Many women with PCOS take metformin during pregnancy regardless of their insulin levels and have excellent results breastfeeding.

Other than this she can try Domperidone after pregnancy or if she wants something natural, I have used sacred tea for breastfeeding mothers which is great.

If all else fails, using a SNS is a great way to get a mom to still benefit from the bonding experience even if mom has no milk at all. Moms milk supply is stimulated even while baby is being supplemented. This way baby is still receiving breast milk, even if it is just small

Hope this helps

Oct 12, 2011
great information
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your quick response. I believe this is great information for her and thank you for sharing a little bit of your own story.

My greatest appreciation,


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