be on my breast all the time (fast flow)

I breastfeed my baby girl. Shes gonna be 2months on the 4th, my baby seems to wanna eat then latch off and I burp her and I keep offering her my breast to make sure shes done. If im driving down the street shes changed and burped, but seems to be hungy.

I know I have milk because when I hand express I get 2oz and she has a problem im guessing with my flow because theres times when she crys and she has milk running down her face, an shes frustrated crying her head off.

Another thing, she falls asleep, rubbing her toes, chin, and behind her ears.

Any answers for me?!?

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Nov 15, 2013
Insatable baby
by: Lyssa

If you harn't already, you should look into baby "wonder weeks". Every few weeks, baby goes through a big brain growth spurt and becomes fussier, among other things.

I don't think there is a problem with your supply. Baby is probably fussy from gas or just wants to be held. Baby's also just like to suck, as it is ther only natural method to self soothe, so by "nursing" (really baby is just sucking and self soothing!) baby is just helping to settle.

You can try babywearing or, oce supply is well established and you feel comfortable, can try to introduce an artifiial pacifier. This wouls allow baby to soothe without the need to nurse on you.

If you have concerns about supply, it is best to talk to a Certified Lactation Consultant who can give you more hands on help.

Jul 29, 2014
Non-stop feeding
by: Anonymous

I just went to the doctor about this because my baby girl (6 weeks) seemed to be eating all the time. She was always on my breast or feeding from a bottle (pumped milk) but she was having a lot of spit ups and didn't seem to keep much down.

We would give her 1oz and wait a while and she would still be hungry then give her another oz and repeat. It was like she was a bottomless pit. The doctor said she is just nursing for comfort and to introduce a pacifier. Remember babies stomachs are only about the size of their fist. Viola a few days later baby has settled down and seems much more content.

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