Big Nipple Blues No More!

by Amy Small
(Leadville, Co)

I am a week away from giving birth to my fourth child. With all three previous babies I tried desperately to breast feed. I usually get about two months into it before I give up because my big nipples have made it difficult to continue.

At first this made me depressed and I felt like I failed. I wanted my babies to have the healthiest start and I will surely give it another go with this baby, however I'm leaving the guilt behind.

The way I look at it now is at least I was able to breast feed for as long as I did. We're under so much pressure enough as it is taking care of a new born (some of us while recovering from a c-section) that I think we should give ourselves a break. Even though breastfeeding will always be better, there's no reason to feel bad if we absolutely cannot.

Baby formula has come a long way in recent years and have been used for a long time. So if you're also struggling with big nipples or any other breastfeeding complications, I say: relax, take a deep breath and then decide what is truly best for you and your baby.

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