Block feeding - foremilk/hindmilk imbalance

by Tammy

I have been block feeding my baby since 3 weeks old due to oversupply. but now at 10 weeks he has started to produce green explosive poos which has been diagnosed as lactose overload due to hindmilk- foremilk imbalance. He has also had reflux since 3 weeks also.

Your article suggest that: "The longer Mom waits between feedings, the more foremilk is allowed to collect and the longer it will take before baby receives the hind milk."
But then later in the article you suggest to block feed on one side for 24hours.

I'm a bit confused, does this mean if I block feed on one side for 24hrs the opposite side will create more foremilk due to the longer wait between feeds?

Any suggestions on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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