blocked ducts

by Holly
(Hertfordshire, uk)

I have a 7 week old baby and consistently get blocked ducts. I have unblocked a few on right breast, now have problem on left and everything I do cant seem to get rid of it.

I want to wean her off breast milk gradually. I have just missed a feed and breasts are engorged.

My concern is that if I cant get rid of duct,
will this turn into mastitis? Can I carry on weaning. I am desperately unhappy and feel depressed as no one seems to have an answer or solution. Please help! Also if I finish weaning will lump still be there?

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Jan 29, 2013
weaning and blocked ducts
by: Tracy, CBC, CLD (CBI)

Hi Holly

Is there another reason why you are wanting to wean so early? The World Health Organization recommends you breastfeed for at least one year.

There are so many wonderful benefits connected to giving your baby that breast milk and there are benefits for you too!

Here are some good reads for the benefits of breastfeeding...

It is still a personal choice and if you still decide to wean baby, here are a few tips:

- Try dropping only one or two feeds per week. Read this page on weaning.

Here is a page that can help with blocked ducts

- Herbs that can be used for weaning...

Herb Robert, Red sage, Garden mint, Periwinkle

Hope this helps!

Jan 29, 2013
Blocked ducts
by: Holly

The main reason I want to wean is she does not latch on properly which causes me pain, and as a result I keep getting the blocked ducts. Also a recent blockage on the breast which had most milk meant that she was still hungry after nursing so I had to supplement with formula after every feed. My baby is a very slow and lazy drinker, it takes ages to feed her and she opens her mouth only slightly making latching difficult hence all the other problems.

I had planned to breastfeed to 6 months but I've had so many problems, plus baby seems to need more food Than I can supply so it seems am steered in that direction. I am planning to slowly wean dropping a feed a week so she gets breast milk up to 12 weeks.

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