bottle feeding and breastfeeding

by Newmom
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I am bottle feeding and breastfeeding my 8days old baby... I get frustrated because I spend a good 30min to 1hr breastfeeding and still come out short.

My back aches already and my nipples start to feel sore. I then add formula to top up the breastmilk with 1 ounce - 1 1/2 ounce.

Am I overfeeding??

I just don't understand what my baby wants after an hour of breastfeeding. ;(
It gets frustrating

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Sep 24, 2012
I know it's frustrating
by: Jaclyn Pawlowski

Love I know it's frustrating. My 5 week old had several days of cluster feelings during his growth spurt where he fed non-stop all day long.

Maybe this is a growth spurt. Do you have a breast feeding center or lactation consultant you can see whom could help guide you and make this less frustrating?

I saw one when my little one was 5 days old and it helped tremendously. They were very encouraging. The first growth spurt starts apps. At 7-10 days. Are you keeping track of wet & dirty diapers? That will let you and the consultant or pediatrician know if he/she is getting enough milk.

If they are he/she could be eating to stimulate you to produce more (growth spurt). Another comes ~ week 2-3 & week 6.

If you need a break you can try pumping and have someone else feed the baby. I did that too and it helped. My nipples were also very sore and the consultant prescribed me a topical antibiotic which helped me heal (took 4-7 days before it felt better) but well worth it!

Hang in there and good luck!

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