breast eczema on nursing moms

by Lynn

Hi, I am diagnose with breast eczema last months. Initially the lactation counselor diagnosed it as thrush but after several weeks treatment with nystatin my breast still hurts.

They referred me to the dermatologist and they confirmed it as breast eczema which commonly attack nursing and pregnant moms.

Can you elaborate more about breast eczema because the info is very limited. I am nursing a 17months old boy and currently using organic cream from MooGoo australia. Tq

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Dec 09, 2012
eczema on breasts while breastfeeding
by: Tracy

Congrats on sticking in there!

Have you tried using your own breast milk on the eczema? Many people say that it helps.

Also wash off any saliva of baby's with water after every feeding, as the saliva may aggravate your symptoms. Make sure your breasts are air dried after every feeding.

Since your baby is already 17 months old and is probably eating solids, it's always best to rinse out his mouth before you allow him to breastfeed as the food particles in his mouth may cause you more itching and pain.

Many find that if they reduce or eliminate dairy products in their diet and take a probiotic supplement of acidophilus daily, it reduces symptoms.

If you still have bad symptoms, I recommend you try a nipple shield while breastfeeding.

Some other general tips for treating eczema include:

- Bathing in water that is not too hot

- Keeping the area moisturized (I suggest a natural oil such as coconut or jojoba)

- Keep your stress levels to a minimum

- Wear bras that allow for air circulation that are made from cotton.

- If you wear breast pads, you should change them as soon as they get wet.

- Use fragrance free soaps and creams

- Rinse your bras out twice after washing them

- Other allergens in your diet may include: Eggs, soy, fish and wheat.

Hope this helps

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