Breast Feeding: Hair Loss and Scalp Pain

by Jessie
(Miami, FL)

Thank you for your answer to the question on Hair Loss. I have a four year old and a four month old, born in Febuary.

With my four year old I lost hair from three months to six months postpartum. I stopped breast feeding at 5 months.

With my second I started hair loss at three months. I am still losing hair, especially in the front. I could give lots of barbie dolls wigs, every time I bathe or brush.

I cut my hair, and am giving it to Locks of Love. But my scalp hurts like crazy. I move my fingers through my hair, and it is sheer pain. I can't remember if I had this bad of scalp pain with my first.

Any comments? Thank you and God Bless. PS. Also, it still hurts to breastfeed. When the milk comes down, and when she sucks on me!!!!

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