Breast Feeding Special Needs Baby

Looking to breastfeed a baby with special needs? It may take added effort, however breastfeeding an infant with special needs is achievable.

Breastfeeding not only calms a special needs baby but provides the extra nutrients and antibodies that they need to fight infections. Breastfeeding a special needs infant will also ensure that they pick up extra weight, which is usually a problem.

Baby with special needs articles…

- Breastfeeding a baby with cleft lip / cleft palate defects.

- Breastfeeding a baby with specific illnesses

- Breastfeeding a baby that is going in for surgery

- Breastfeeding a baby with breast milk jaundice

- Breastfeeding a baby with a heart defect

- Breastfeeding a baby with suck problems

- Breastfeeding a baby with a weak suck

- Breastfeeding a baby with Sensory integration problems

- Phenylketonuria and breastfeeding

- Breastfeeding a baby with neurological problems.

- Breastfeeding a baby with hypoglycemia

- Breastfeeding the dehydrated baby

- Breastfeeding a lactose intolerant baby

- Breastfeeding the low blood sugar baby

- Breastfeeding a down syndrome baby

- Expressing breastmilk for preemies

- Breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie

- Breastfeeding a preemie

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