Breast feeding struggles

by RR

I'm so happy to have found these comments. I'm a new mom who was also set on breast feeding. But I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy (despite no usual risk factors!), had a planned induction as per OB

which ended with C-section and then on top of it all, baby was separated from me, placed in NICU and given formula as I was producing no milk.

I too am sick of all this online info that says apparently, new mom's milk just flows like a fountain - this has not been my experience at all. It took 1 week of pumping around the clock every 2-3 hrs just to get my milk going and now it is at a stand still as I can only produce max 200 ml/day despite hours of pumping with a hospital grade pump.

My baby also won't latch because the let down is so poor and I was told no need to try latching until the milk is flowing more readily (although I'm not sure that was such good advice).

I am seriously considering stopping completely but it makes me so sad given that my milk production seems to be the issue as opposed to lack of trying so I had no chance right off the bat. But as I read similar stories, I do feel encouraged that I'm not alone. Thank you for sharing your struggles.

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