Breast feeding twins on different schedules

by Lyn

Hi. I have boy/girl twins. My son is much smaller than my daughter and he feeds every 2 hours. My daughter feeds every 3 hours.

I am trying to get them on the same schedule so I have some time to do other things! My son can't go without a feed for more than 2 hours 15 minutes and my daughter is not hungry until a full 3 hours between feeds.

Does anyone have any advise on how to do this?

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Sep 06, 2012
Twins feeding and sleeping routine
by: Zelda Behr

Getting fraternal twins on a schedule can be a bit more challenging than getting paternal twins on one as they do not share the same genetics but it can be done.

Get them to sleep at the same time.

* From 6 weeks of age you can start with a bed time routine. This can be a warm bath, story, lullaby and feed or which ever suits your family.
Stick to your routine and try to do it at the same time each night this will teach them to wind down for sleep.

* Dim the lights or use a soft night light and turn off all noise makers TV and so forth.

* Let them fall asleep on their own. I'm not saying to let them cry it out; you can rock them until they are drowsy and lay them down or feed them until drowsy. If they do fall asleep while rocking or drinking wake them a bit before putting them down.

* For babies that can not roll yet, it works great to put them to sleep in one cot, as this can make them sleep for longer periods.
For the first month or so you can place them with feet in the same direction and after that you can place them heads in the center of the cot and feet in different directions.

* If one of them is more of a screamer, make sure that the calmer one is content before tending to the screamer; most twins don't wake from their siblings cries.

* This might sound like a sleep depriving idea but wake your baby if the other one wants to drink this way they both drink at the same time.

* Let them drink on only one breast each and swap them on the breasts on the next feed.

Hope this helps.
Happy breastfeeding!

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