Breastfeeding and Sex

The topic of breastfeeding and sex, can bring out all types of issues, insecurities and excuses why Mom and Dad can't be intimate.

You just need to adapt your sex life around your new mommy and daddy routines.

Many mothers are concerned about their breast milk leaking during sex, about a low libido during breastfeeding, and also about what their breasts will look like after breastfeeding.

After birth and during breastfeeding, a mother goes through many hormonal changes, which can put a lot of strain on her relationship with her partner, the best thing would be to talk to each other about the way you feel.

I'm Just Not in the Mood

Things that can put moms off of sex, during breastfeeding.

- You might feel physically sensitive or overstimulated, in which case, you feel that you just don’t want anyone touching you.

- You might notice a decrease in vaginal lubrication, which can cause pain during sex.

- You might eject or leak milk during sex.

Sex and breastfeeding

Milk Ejection during Love Making

Why do some women eject milk during love making?

The hormone Oxytocin is responsible for the milk letdown reflex, and is also released during an orgasm. Oxytocin is often referred to as the love hormone, since it is also responsible for a woman feeling as if she wants to be cuddled, or feeling as if she wants to cuddle her baby.

Some couples really feel excited when this happens, while others don’t feel comfortable with it at all. Mom can always wear a bra and breast pads during sex, or can breastfeed Baby before lovemaking.

Breastfeeding and Sex

Vaginal Dryness and Breastfeeding

Vaginal Dryness Breastfeeding Advice

Does the vaginal dryness indicate that my libido is low?

No, not at all, estrogen levels are low during breastfeeding and can cause some dryness. There are vaginal lubricants that can be used during these times. KY Jelly, Astroglide, and Replens are some products made specifically for this purpose.

Breastfeeding and Sex

Don't Touch Me!

Why do I feel like I just don’t want anyone touching me?

Sometimes when a mother breastfeeds her baby around the clock, she may feel as if she is touched too often. All you need to do, is let your partner know what it is you want, and how you want it! ;-)

Breastfeeding and sex can work harmoniously together, just give it a shot.

Saggy Boobs?

Are my breasts going to become saggy from breastfeeding?

Most of the changes in your breasts cannot be blamed on breastfeeding, but pregnancy itself.

Read more about breast changes after breastfeeding

sex and breastfeeding

A low Libido

Low libido breastfeeding advice

Does breastfeeding decrease a woman's libido?

Not everyone’s libido while breastfeeding is the same, research shows that half of all breastfeeding moms have an increased sexual desire during breastfeeding, on the other hand, other mothers say that they have a low libido, and no desire whatsoever.

Low estrogen in a breastfeeding mother, is what prevents ovulation, and is what causes a lower desire for sex and vaginal dryness.

Other Contributing Factors

Other factors that can contribute to feeling like you just don’t want to have sex during breastfeeding periods…

- Too tired to have sex? Being tired, especially if your baby is not sleeping right through the night.

- Sex is not always possible, due to time restraints; Mom and Dad are busy all the time.

- Feeling emotionally spent on your children.

- Sometimes birth can also cause a thinning of membranes in the vaginal area, which can be very uncomfortable during sex.

- Moms don't feel sexy, because of saggy skin and stretch marks, and most are conscious about some extra fat!

"Mom, give yourself a break, stop worrying about getting your body into shape, it will happen, take it slow!"

Read more about weight loss while breastfeeding.

- Pain from childbirth and headaches from lack of sleep can contribute. (Hee hee, the infamous headache excuse!)

Breastfeeding and Sex
A Few Tips

Successful sex and breastfeeding tips

- Try other positions, sometimes if your breasts are sore or swollen, it could help to consider a spooning position, or hands and knees position.

- If you dislike your partner touching your breasts, let him know about it.

- Communicate with your partner, and let him know how you are feeling.

- Know that your sex drive will come back again!

What if you are co-sleeping with Baby?

How to have a sexual relationship when co sleeping

It’s really difficult to concentrate on your lovemaking, when your baby is sleeping right next to you, and you might be interrupted as well. Mom and Dad need to maybe find a different room, when the occasion arises ;-)

Also, another solution, could be to get a “side bed” for baby to sleep in. These are placed right next to the bed, and Baby will be just an arms reach away.

Read more on co-sleeping with a baby

Bedside sleeper Freestanding bassinet and Playard...

Alternative Intimacy Ideas

Finally, if you just can’t seem to bring yourself to have sex, then try to find other ways of being intimate, such as:

- Taking a bath together.

- Hug as often as you can.

- Get somebody to look after your baby at least once a month, so that you and your partner can go out for dinner or the movies.

- Make food together.

- Watch a movie at home, while your baby is taking a nap.

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