Breastfeeding and supplementing

it is so much easier to run straight to the formula than to breastfeed. With the bottle I can see how much my baby is consuming.

I feel at times that he is not getting enough breast milk well I now know that I am not breastfeeding frequently.

I should stop supplementing and see what happens. The reason why I run and get a bottle is because ever since he turned 2 months and close to 3 months he doesn't seem to be interested in breastfeeding when I put him on the breast he drinks a bit and places his fist in his mouth and pushes the breast away and begins to cry.

What works is to breastfeed him while walking and as soon as I sit he starts crying. I don't know if he is teething...

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Mar 27, 2011
Giving baby a bottle
by: Tracy

I think the problem with your baby is that he has discovered that breastfeeding is so much more effort than drinking out of the bottle. It's called nipple confusion.

A bottle allows milk to flow easier and your baby doesn't need to use all the same muscles, nor to the extent in which he would need them during breastfeeding.

I would suggest that you stop giving baby the formula completely if you can. There are so many advantages to exclusive breastfeeding, not to mention all the great benefits of breastfeeding for you as a woman.

The reason your baby stays on the breast while you are moving is because it is comforting to him. Try to make your breastfeeding times special and maybe start to see those special times as bonding time with your baby, I know it can get tiresome at times, but its so worth it in the end.

Here are some tips on how to know if your baby is getting in enough breast milk...

Is my baby getting enough milk

Hope this helps

Kind regards

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