Breastfeeding Chair

A chair for breastfeeding

One of the best investments you can make while nursing, is to get yourself a breastfeeding chair, as you and baby will be spending many hours using it.

A breast feeding chair can calm both you and baby and can be used for many years after you have stopped breastfeeding. Your children’s children could even still get some use out of it.

Why use a breastfeeding chair?

- A nursing chair helps mom prevent back pain

- Nursing rocking chairs help those moms who do not co-sleep , it serves as a way to keep baby sleepy and calm while breastfeeding in the middle of the night.

- It can be used to rock baby to sleep before bed time, while breastfeeding.

- Many moms use nursery chairs for rocking their toddlers in the evenings during story time.

Breastfeeding chairs that prevent back ache

- Consider a platform rocking chair that has arm support if you are prone to back ache. This type of chair will take the pressure off of your back, while allowing you to rest your arms while nursing.

- Using a small foot stool while nursing can also relieve back pain. It elevates your legs and improves posture.

Breastfeeding glider rocking chairs

- A nursery glider chair is usually heavy duty and will usually last you a lifetime.

- A glider chair is usually upholstered with thick padding for extra support.

- These nursery gliders are more expensive than any of the other nursing chairs and can cost anything between $200 to $500 and more.

- A rocking glider is sometimes designed with a pop out stool or a foot stool that can be bought separately. Some are sold with ottomans too, which can be really comfy during breastfeeding.

Classic rocking chairs for nursery

- Wood rocking chair ~ these are usually made of light weight wood.

- A rocking chair can cost you anything between $30 to $200 and more.

What to look out for when buying nursery rocking chairs or recliners

- Are you looking for a breastfeeding chair that can move back and forth or do you want a swivel chair?

- Does the chair have arm rests? Do you want padded armrests for extra comfort?

- Does the breastfeeding chair blend in with your own décor? Neutral colors will usually fit with any room.

- Does the chair include an ottoman or foot stool or do you need to buy it separately?

- Will the chairs be easy enough for you to keep clean? Does it have removable covers?

- Does the chair give you head support?

Top of breastfeeding chair page

Comfort is priority and very necessary when breastfeeding, a supportive nursing rocking chair or recliner can initiate the start of a beautiful, comfortable breastfeeding experience.

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