Breastfeeding Documentary

by Liz

Hi all,

I hope you are all well and don't mind me posting here, but I am making a documentary on breastfeeding for Discovery, and I'm keen to speak to mums and dads with interesting stories. We're based in the UK, but are looking for stories worldwide.

Areas we are interested in include:

* cross-nursing / wet-nursing - why is this unfashionable when it can open up so much choice for working mums?

* non-birthing lactation - e.g. ladies who have used surrogates or adopted, or same-sex parents who share the nursing

* milk sharing / donating - both informal and more 'regulated'

* ladies who are struggling with reconciling the dual purpose of their breasts as both sensual and nurturing parts of their bodies

If you have anything to add, please get in touch. There is no expectation of filming unless you want to share your story more widely - it's just research for now.



[email protected]
020 7290 0531

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