breastfeeding from one breast for over a year

My 2yr old is still breastfeeding on the breast he's prefered since he was 8mths. However,recently the breast not being used,pumped or anything has been a bit painful. When squeezed a yellowish/oily liquid could be seen. Why is this happening? Could it be because I never pumped it out?

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Nov 23, 2013
by: Lyssa


That sticky, thick, yellow liquid you are seeing is colostrum. It is the "premilk" that the breast makes when not making breastmilk. It is what your baby eats in the first few days of like until your milk "comes in". It is full of antibodies and concentrated calories. It is not harmful to your baby at this age, nor a sign of anything bad. It just means that breast has probably "dried up". Many moms feed their babies from just one breast, and at this age, that is especially okay. Don't worry mama, it is completely natural!

Jan 24, 2014
Hi, my 1year old baby girl.
by: Shukriyyah

My one year old baby girl do not eat any other food except breast milk and I am breastfeeding her from only the left breast cos am not always confortable with the left and have abandon it. Can I still go back to it or just continue with that one. Thank U

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