Breastfeeding frustrations

by Lisbet Ruiz
(Los Angeles, CA)

My daughter is 3 months old and she was born as premature baby. I could not breastfeed her because she could not latch on and if she did, it was with the shield.

At 2.5 I started feeding her without the shield, but she gets frustrated after 15min of nursing.

Is there anyway I can be helped or is it that she got used to the bottle and does not want to be breastfeed. (I do not use formula, I pump to feed her in bottles.)

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Jul 17, 2014
does not want to be breastfeed.
by: Tracy

Hi Lisbet

I applaud you for continuing to give your baby the best nutrition possible, even though she is not getting it directly from the source.

Your baby is struggling with nipple confusion. The two feeding methods used, namely bottle and breast use completely different tongue and mouth movements.

A bottle flows much faster than the breast and this makes baby lazy. Therefore, baby does not want to wait for the breast to start flowing, because she is accustomed to a constant fast flow of milk now.

A few tips

- Pump your breast for a few minutes before trying to feed your baby, this will get your milk flowing, so that she does not need to wait for the milk to start flowing.

- Lots of skin to skin contact while breastfeeding should encourage her to stay at the breast.

- Carrying your little girl in a sling may encourage her to breastfeed through the day.

- Use slow flowing artificial nipples when necessary.

- If you have to use the shield, its ok. Here are some tips on weaning from a shield...

* Pump a few seconds before trying your own nipple, as this will elongate your nipple and make breastfeeding easier. A Lansinoh LatchAssist is a small device that can easily elongate the nipple, just before a nursing session.

- Feed your baby before he/she gets hungry and impatient.

- Put some expressed breast milk on your nipple to encourage your baby to drink directly from the breast.

- While using the shield, after letdown has occurred, try removing the shield and then see if your baby will drink.

Hope this helps

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