breastfeeding is highly overrated

Gosh! My son is now 7 years old and my daughter 5. They are the brightest kids of the block and I am not just saying this because I am a doting mom.

Both of them have been pretty much exclusively bottle-fed. I tried and tried with my older one and then analyzed to death and righted all the wrongs with my younger one. But no, I just could not produce the milk they needed.

It was so bad that I strongly believe it was my obstinacy to stay away from formula that pushed my younger one to neo-natal jaundice a week after she was born. I still feel lousy about not being able to have breastfed them, but then I had not read this thread before!

Seven years later and much the wiser, I feel breastfeeding is highly overrated in our society. If you can't, you definitely are not any less of a mother!

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