Breastfeeding on demand with GER

Everyone is always talking about always breastfeeding on demand even if it is for comfort.

But if my baby has GER and drinking too much milk can make it worse do I still breastfeed on demand?

Cause my boy wants to suck frequently then falls asleep on the breast (still latched on) and then starts gagging on the milk since he is asleep and no longer swallowing.

Then after the feed he spits up frequently, despite that he is held up and burped and his diaper is always changed before the feeding.

After the spit up he wants to feed again. And I don't know what to do anymore. I have no problems feeding on demand, but I don't want to be making his problems worse!

Oh and yes nursing to sleep, another thing that sounds so nice and romantic. But due to the whole GER and spit up issue he always has to be burped after the feed and a lot of the times that wakes him up which in turn ofc means he wants to feed again.

If I feed him again he will mostly spit up again and look distressed. I feel lost with what to do.
Breastfeeding on demand sounds so simple and nice... why can't it be as simple and nice as it sounds?

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