breastfeeding pains

by Jennifer
(Florida )

Breastfeeding mommies. I have a problem. Wondering if any of you have it. When we sleep, if I sleep on my side the next day my boobs and chest hurt so bad its a sharp pain. It goes away after some time, but I was wondering if it was normal.

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Jun 23, 2014
a few suggestions
by: Anonymous

Hi Jennifer

I think it's perfectly normal. My guess is that when you sleep, the breast fills up with milk and is uncomfortably sore, due to pressure on it (from lying on it.)

Have you considered lying on your back in a reclined position? This way you can put your baby on top of you when you breastfeed at night. (I'm assuming you are co-sleeping)

You could also make a point of it, to change sides often during the night.

In the morning when you wake, you can massage your breast to relieve yourself from some discomfort and pain, this will help drain the breast easily too, which can prevent any blocked ducts.

If the problem is already due to a blocked duct, massage is a great way to unglog any milk. You can also use breast compression while breastfeeding, to help with milk flow.

Here are a few pages that may help...

Blocked ducts
Breast massage
Breast compression

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