Breastfeeding Positions for Twins

Moms of twins understand that there are special challenges in raising two babies at one time. Parents of singletons simply cannot know how hard it is to hold a pair of squirming children in only two arms or stand on one foot while using a changing table, because the other foot is rocking a cradle. Nursing twins presents a similar problem. Yes you have two boobs, but keeping both babies latched on can sometimes seem like a magic trick. Here are some tips and tricks for breastfeeding twins. 

Nursing Positions for Twins

Most of the trouble that arises in breastfeeding two babies is figuring out the logistics of positioning them. It might seem easier at first to feed each baby separately, but new moms find that it just takes too much time and energy. Feeding the babies at the same time makes a lot more sense.  

Some breastfeeding positions for twins can seem awkward at first, but it will become easier over time. Keep in mind that babies are unique individuals and are going to have different preferences and needs, when it comes to feeding. With that in mind, these are some typically successful positions. 


• Knees Up

Lean against a headboard or the back of a sturdy chair, and raise your knees almost to your chest. Allow the babies to recline against your thighs, with their faces toward your breast. Use a pillow to prop your breasts or babies if needed. 


• Under the Arms 

Sit against the headboard of the bed or in a comfortable chair. Put a pillow behind your back for comfort. Hold each child under one arm like a football, supporting their bodies with pillows if necessary. The babies will be comfortable on their backs with just their chests lifted slightly toward the breasts. 

• Across the Chest 

When your babies are small, you can lay them across your chest with one slightly stacked on top of the other. You use your arms to cradle them both. This may seem uncomfortable for the babies, but keep in mind that the babies have spent many months pushed up against each other. The weight of a sibling's feet, head or body can be comforting. 


• Mix It Up 

Experiment with different ways of moving your babies until you come up with a position that is pleasant for all three of you. There is no reason you cannot hold one baby under your arm, while you use your other arm to cradle the second baby. Twins breastfeeding positions should be modified specifically to accommodate your children. 

Additional Tips for Breastfeeding Twins

• Pump 

Pumping isn't fun, but it can be helpful when you are trying to keep two babies satisfied. Sometimes you may find that you don't have enough milk for both babies and/or your perfect idea of twins breastfeeding might not be working out one day. It can be nice to have breast milk on hand for these times. 


• Relax 

Being calm is one of the hardest things a new mom can do, but it is the best way you can keep the stress out of breastfeeding. Stay calm and know that breastfeeding doesn't go perfectly one hundred percent of the time. These are, after all, unique little people you are trying to care for. Their needs are going to be different from each other, and each child may have different preferences, day to day.  


There is no one magic formula on how to breastfeed twins, but there are techniques you can use to make the process a more comforting and loving experience for the whole family.  


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