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Dec 09, 2014


Hi currently I'm breastfeeding my 18mths old and my periods comes when my child is a year old. My period was regular and has come for bout 4 times already

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Dec 08, 2014


I'm freaking out, every night he chokes, I was ff and bf but gave up formula a couple days ago and his reflux is about the same.. I don't know what to

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Dec 07, 2014

Bruising after taking fenugreek

Hi. I've been taking fenugreek for a few weeks and have notice sudden unexplained bruises on my legs and well as slight bleeding in my nose. I've stopped

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Dec 05, 2014

Plugged nipple-help

Im only 21 weeks pregnant n I'm finding my self having some nipple issues. On both my nipples I think I have clogged nipples but I'm not sure. The center

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Nov 30, 2014

Rusty pipes

I noticed blood from my nipple about two weeks before giving birth, just a small amount-it was red on colour not pink or orange, I was very worried.

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Nov 26, 2014

worried about missed period

Hi i exclusively breast feeding my 4 months old baby. I got my period two months ago but a bit of blood only. Then now i havent had a period again. It

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Nov 22, 2014

Breastfeeding my baby lying down.

Sometimes when I breastfeed my baby lying down, the milk comes out of his nose. Is it normal?

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Nov 21, 2014

Preemie Mom Breastfeeding Problems

I've wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember, and I've always looked forward to breastfeeding as well. I was thrilled when I got pregnant.

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Nov 20, 2014

Blood in expressed milk

I have recently tried to reduce the amount that I'm expressing so I can stop pumping. However, in doing so, I began to have blocked milk ducts in the left

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Nov 18, 2014

food sensitivities/allergies in newborn

My daughter had a baby boy 1 week ago. She is breastfeeding. He has cried and screamed and not slept well at all, had red splotchy skin all over his body

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Nov 16, 2014

raynauds of the nipple and question

Wanted to know....I'm 8 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I started having extremely painful burning of my nipple around

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Nov 16, 2014

New mommy, need help

My daughter is now 2 months old. For the past few weeks she has been pooping only every couple of days, green liquid stools, in large amounts. She is

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Nov 13, 2014

worried about my hair loss

Well, I don't understand severe loss of hairs, my baby is 4 months old i'm still breastfeeding and my hairs were so beautiful and thick, now i have notice

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Nov 12, 2014

dark green runny poop

My baby boy is 8 weeks and I do both breastfeeding and formula simply because I don't produce enough milk. He was extremely colic, fussy and gassy so

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Nov 11, 2014

Shellfish allergy

My child just got diagnosed with having a shellfish allergy last night, it was his first time eating shrimp and we needed to go to the ER. I am still

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