Breastfeeding problems; Low milk supply

by Adah
(New Zealand)

Hi moms,

Today, I'm going to share my story regarding breastfeeding problems.

Let me introduce you to my family status first.

I'm a mom of two kids (girl 4 years old and a boy 1 year still breastfeeding).

During first time, there was no problem in my milk supply and my daughter was breastfed whole two years.

I don't know what happened the 2nd time. It normally does not happen that you breastfed the first child without any problem, but for 2nd baby there was a low milk supply.

My boy used to cry all the time. I tried to switch on feeder but in vain. My boy was not ready to take feeder and continued crying, moreover, he was losing weight day by day.

I changed the formulas, got advice from my pediatrician but no results.

The tension was growing and I was getting frustrated and was in deep concern due to my child's health.

One day a friend suggested me to check a new product that is totally herbalic with no preservatives, it was Healthy Nursing Tea by secrets of tea (yes tea, not a prescribed medicine).

Being disappointed by many many products, I was not sure about this tea but my friend insisted me to give a try.

She said that if it's not going to solve the issue, it will not do any harm, being a natural product.

I decided to give a try and ordered one pack for me.

Wow! It was great, I used this tea just two days and milk started flowing more than with my first child. I continued the formula and it was getting better and better.

Soon the tea was finished, but my child was now getting a full supply of milk and was gaining weight.

I immediately ordered more tea for me and still I am taking this tea with a continuous flow of enough milk that my boy has a full tummy.

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