Breastfeeding Questions and Answers

Breastfeeding Questions and Answers about Baby Stools

  • "My 4 month old baby always poops every time he eats, he is bottled fed. Is there anything wrong with him?" Read the answer here.
  • "My baby's poop is greenish black, is it normal?" Read more here.
  • "Blood in stool. What's a mom to do?" Read more here.
  • "My son is almost 4 months old and is completely breastfed and hasn't had a poop in going on 5 days…" Read more here.
  • "My 5 month infant has been recently bottle fed is showing milk residues like seeds or curds (yellow to white) in his feces. He almost has a bowel movement after each feeding is that normal...?" Read more here.

Breastfeeding Questions and Answers Related to Breast Milk

  • Breastfeeding question about one breast not filling up…Read more here.
  • Fenugreek and other ways of increasing milk supply…Read more here.
  • Milk let down problem…milk won’t flow sometimes…Read more here.
  • Reverse cycling. But what about the accumulated expressed breast milk? Read more here.
  • "Can breast milk be purchased, if there is none available to you?" Read more here.
  • "What can I do to make my breast soften? Baby can’t latch on…" Read more here.
  • "How can I tell if I have enough milk if I don't leak?" Read more here.
  • "Is this a sign of foremilk/hindmilk imbalance?" Read more here.
  • Changes in breast milk…Read more here.

Questions about Breastfeeding Safety 

  • "I still want to know, is it safer for baby to have a bottle instead if nursing mom is on Zoloft?" Read more here.
  • "Is Aloe Vera tea while breastfeeding, safe?…" Read more here.
  • "Infrared sauna & breastfeeding?" Read more here.

Questions about Breastfeeding and Supplementation 

Breastfeeding Questions and Answers about Breast or Nipple Pain

  • "I have recently stopped breast feeding and it’s so sore. I have lumps and blocked ducts and they won’t go away…" Read more here.
  • Bleb remains after breastfeeding…Read more here.
  • Persistent clogged milk duct…Read more here.

Weaning Related Questions

  • "If the older child weans off the breast milk slowly while the mother’s pregnant, and eventually stops totally (say halfway during pregnancy), will the milk supply be sufficient for the next baby, when she is delivered?" Read more here
  • "How can I encourage my toddler to stop breastfeeding?" Read more here.
  • "I wonder how often other mummies who still feed their 3 and a half year olds feed them…" Read more here.

Breastfeeding Health Questions

Other Baby Related Problems

  • "Help! My 2 mo. Old is back to sleeping like a newborn!" Read more here.
  • "Baby is spitting up everything…" Read more here.
  • "Should I keep trying to wake him to nurse?". Read more here.
  • "Baby only wants one breast…" Read more here.
  • "Can someone tell me if it's normal for my 4week old baby to be feeding on the breast for 2hrs switching sides backwards n fwds n still not satisfied?" Read more here.
  • "Do you have any suggestions to help with an 8 week old that still has a very tight jaw?" Read more here.

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