Breastfeeding through a mastitis infection

by Terri Christle
(Holton Michigan united states)

Hello, my name is Terri, I am a 19 yr old mother of one who is almost 11 months old. He's been EBF since about a week and a half old, we started out EBF, but after a week went by my supply was so much I had to pump every hour and baby was eating every two hours in between pump sessions, so I started with supplementing then slowly went to straight formula.

I went THREE days of trying to dry up and I just continued to produce and produce until it was a non stop fountain and that's when I thought ' I obviously was meant for breastfeeding and ill start over and try again' since then he got his first two teeth at 4months and now is at 8teeth!

He got an ear infection at 9 months old and went on a nursing strike for a week solid and REFUSED the breast I called everyone, my WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, my local La Leche League leader, and finally my doctor too, in hopes get prescribed something like regular or fenugreek.

Which unsuccessful at that my doctor's nurse told me to (and I quote) "just drink a beer I know your only 19 but our ancestors did it and it will help an if it for some reason doesn't, then call us back" so I frantically called around asking for just ONE beer when finally a family member showed up and happened to have one left over so yes I drank some ONLY HALF!!

My son was out for the night so it wasn't that big, but my supply went from only a half ounce on that side to FOUR OUNCES!!!

Now a couple months later he has recently bitten me due to being irritable due to I JUST found out yesterday he has TWO ear infections :( but anyways he bit me and on the bottom of my nipple I have a sore and I've just been thinking that my breast has been hurting bc of the bite well yesterday my lymph nodes under my arm on that side were all swelled up and painful to even move my arm let alone touch them.

Then later yesterday I noticed a red streak running from my under arm down to the bottom of my nipple and that the whole underneath was red and HOT!

Right then I KNEW something wasn't right and my body was weak, hurt all over head ache nasueaus flu like symptoms, so I had to go to the doctor. I went in and yes, I found out I have mastitis!!

Who knew! The most frightening thing I thought I was going to hear on top of hearing I had mastitis was that I'd have to stop breastfeeding, which IS NOT an option, but to my surprise the doctor said I can continue on!! Made my day happy!

So I've been put on antibiotics and am struggling throughout the excruciating pain of feeding off that side due to the bite sore and his teeth hitting it every time he eats no matter what position, but I AM STRONG is what I keep saying bc if I could handle delivering a 9lbs healthy baby boy no pain MEDs OR epidural, I can fight through having mastitis without a problem!

So please ladies until you've been through this much while breastfeeding don't just give up in the first week like I tried its so very much worth every minute you can give your child!!

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