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Breastfeeding while Pregnant

Pregnant and breastfeeding?

Will breastfeeding while pregnant affect the growth of your unborn child, or hamper your pregnancy in any way?? The answer is NO.

Is breastfeeding while pregnant safe? All you need to do is eat well, even if you are suffering from morning sickness. Once you are feeling better, you should try to eat an additional 650 calories daily.  

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Some mothers worry that breastfeeding during pregnancy will cause their babies to come earlier than they should. Breastfeeding while being pregnant, in normal circumstances, will not cause any such problems. The Oxytocin that is released during breastfeeding is not enough to cause the cervix to open immaturely. Uterine contractions are experienced throughout pregnancy,  when you exercise and when you have an orgasm, and are not something to worry about.

You can also continue to breastfeed both your babies after the birth of your baby. Continued breastfeeding while pregnant can be useful to your toddler's adjustment to a new baby.

Is your milk safe for your breastfeeding baby?

YES, the hormones that are associated with being pregnant are found in the breast milk, but in very small quantities, and cannot harm your baby.

Breast feeding and Pregnant
So what are the Challenges?

  • Pregnant and breast feeding mothers will not only have to deal with all the physical and emotional aspects that arise with pregnancy, but will have increased fatigue, if they already have a baby that causes some frustration while breastfeeding.
  • Let-down of milk might cause some nausea during pregnancy.
  • Sore nipples (sensitivity due to hormonal changes during pregnancy).
  • Increased sexual arousal during a breastfeeding session, due to pregnancy hormones.
  • If you are breastfeeding and pregnant you will notice a decrease in milk supply during the fourth and fifth month of pregnancy. Try drinking at least 3litres of water daily.
  • When breastfeeding while pregnant, your milk will start to taste very different towards the end of your pregnancy and your baby might refuse to drink. The milk actually starts turning into colostrum. The quality of milk (colostrum) makes up for the decrease in quantity; this is so that the milk created is richer in fats and vitamins.

How to Encourage your Baby to Wean

  • When weaning, try to find ways of replacing the physical and emotional comfort associated with breastfeeding, with something else. Go for walks.
  • Get somebody else, preferably dad to put baby to bed.
  • Make the change gradually. Start by giving one less feed per day.
  • Whatever choice you make in the end is up to you, and what you think you can handle. If you do decide to wean your baby, you should try to do so gradually, to minimize the impact on your breastfeeding baby. If you decide on a breast feeding pregnancy you should try to get as much help and support as possible.

Breastfeeding while Pregnant
Breastfeeding Positions 

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