Breastfeeding With Small Breasts

Small breasts and breastfeeding …

Size has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to breastfeed!

No matter what the size or shape of your breasts…the ability to produce breast milk lies in breast tissue. Women with large breasts often have the same amount of breast tissue “milk producing cells” as smaller breasted women. What makes their breasts so much larger you ask? FAT.

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Even the flattest chested women can breastfeed. Also, remember that a woman’s breasts will mature and grow during pregnancy…you only know your true bra size after having your first baby.

Overall women with smaller breasts usually find latching on and positioning a lot easier than women with large breasts.

The only thing that may make a difference is that a small breasted woman may have a lower storage capacity, which means that she may need to breastfeed more often than a large breasted mother. Breastfeeding on demand will be especially important as to make sure that baby is drinking enough during the day.

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You will make enough breast milk if…(these points are true for all breastfeeding mothers …not just ones with small breasts)

- You eat well (for the extra calories needed), drink plenty of fluids and rest.

- Breastfeed as often as possible and if you find that your milk supply is a little low you can pump in-between feedings.

- Relax while breastfeeding ~ Stress can actually decrease let down and milk supply

- Don’t give baby any other fluids to drink…let him breastfeed exclusively…this will ensure that you keep a good breast milk supply.

- Try breast massage for increased milk production

- Use natural herbs to increase breast milk supply if necessary

Breastfeeding with small breasts ~ Is baby getting enough breast milk?

How do you know if baby is drinking enough?

- Baby should be nursing at least eight times per 24 hours

- Baby has at least three bowel movements per day and at least three wet ones.

- Baby is continuing to gain weight. Average of four to eight ounces weekly.

- Baby seems happy most of the time

Just hang in there…as baby becomes more confident and stronger, breastfeeding becomes easier. It’s really worth it in the long run!

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If your breasts are on the smaller size, I have a site for you! She went from being an AA to an A cup.

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