Breasts were very small and nothing really was coming out

I had the same experience as you ladies. When my daughter was born 6 years ago I was excited about breast feeding, but my breasts were very small and nothing really was coming out.

My mom always had large breasts and breastfed her 4 kids and my mother-in-law said that she never bought formula in her life so I was feeling very guilty.

I remember trying to pump for one hour just to get 3 oz. of milk. My baby was hungry so I had no choice but to give little bit of my milk and tons of formula. I remember my family staring at the baby and feeling sorry for the baby!!

Everytime the baby gets sick, both moms would say to the baby "Poor baby... you got sick because you never got good milk from mommy." How cruel was that comment??

Today, my daughter is a perfectly healthy child. She's the biggest and the tallest in the class :) We are best friends and I am excited that we are having another baby this year.

Most likely, I will be giving formula again this time because my breasts are not growing as much, but I just stopped worrying about that. I am very thankful that we have great formula out there!

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May 12, 2012
Thank You For Sharing
by: Michelle

Yes, that was such a cruel comment. Can't they see your efforts!!!!

I am glad you are not stressed this time, seeing how healthy your first baby is.

I struggled with milk supply with my first and was devestated and cried for 4 months. We are now trying for number two. I would like to breastfeed but like you, I am not so stressed this time. I will just give it my best shot.

Thank your for sharing so that us mums who sometimes don't make milk know we are not alone.

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