C section

I had trouble feeding mine in the hospital and the lactation nurses couldn't figure out why.

I was released on day 4 and day 5 had a Mother Baby Center nurse come to help. It turns out she wouldn't stay latched because of my pain Med's- she would get a sip and the pass out from the drugs.

The fact that the hospital lactation nurses didn't think to realize I had perc's and that would affect the process makes me think others she go through the same thing. :)

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Oct 18, 2016
your frustration
by: Tracy

Yes, I share your frustration. It makes me so mad. ..breastfeeding is so important and yet it seems that the nurses have no proper training. I was once told that I should not breastfeed at night, that it was bad for my baby's teeth!! And that I should stop breastfeeding when my baby started solids because it would ruin her appetite!! This was a nurse at a clinic with 15 years experience. She was obviously spreading other lies and discouraging mothers from breastfeeding.

But society is full of such lies! The best thing for us to do is to question everything and to make an informed decision. Research as much as we can.

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