Calming Baby For Breastfeeding

Calming baby will really help with the breastfeeding process. Some babies cry more than others, but they all do cry. Understanding why babies cry can help you get through this stage

Things that could help to calm your baby during and for breastfeeding:

- Try avoiding foods that may cause gas in your baby, such as dairy products, caffeine, cabbage, broccoli and other gassy vegetables. This is a big help for a colicky baby. You should follow a proper breastfeeding diet.

- Breastfeeding with a nursing necklace can calm baby and keep him from being distracted.

- Read more on colic while breastfeeding

- Find a comfortable breastfeeding position, also get yourself some comfortable breastfeeding tops for easy access.

- Talk, hum or sing softly to calm baby. Cuddle, stroke and touch him gently.

- Calming baby can be as simple as holding him in a more upright position for breastfeeding and directly afterwards, this will prevent winds.

- Experiment with how often and when you burp your baby. Burping baby can reduce the pain caused from swallowing too much air during breastfeeding and can therefore reduce crying and calm baby for the next feeding.

- Offer meals in a quiet environment. Try to Keep activities before bed time or breastfeeding to things that won't excite him too much. These should be activities that are not over stimulating.

- Mom can consume calming herbs which will intern calm baby if he is breastfeeding (more on safe herbs for breastfeeding)

- Give your baby a warm bath, before a breastfeeding session.

- Massage your baby’s tummy, or give him a full massage. Baby massage has been proven to calm a baby with colic and also gets mommy and baby bonding more. (Baby massage page)

- Swaddle your baby in a warm blanket

- Walk with Baby in a quiet, dark room while you hum or sing.

- Try keeping your baby away from highly stimulating situations during the day when possible to prevent sensory overload.

- A fussy baby will usually calm down when

you play some soothing music or turn on some white noise such as a vacuum cleaner or running water.

- Babies can sense any anxiety within their mothers, so try to be Cool, Calm and Collected

- Sometimes when a mother has a very forceful let down or under active letdown it can get baby fussing a lot and even choking during breastfeeding. Read more on how to normalize your milk flow.

- Read on breastfeeding and pacifier use

- Read more on how to calm a breastfeeding baby that has acid reflux

Many moms feel that they want to give up on breastfeeding after a while due to the many different difficulties they might be experiencing during breastfeeding, but can I please encourage you to read our page on the benefits of breastfeeding, not just for your baby, but for your sake too.

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