Can't Breastfeed Don't Judge

by Jenn...

Wow! So true... I had a few problems breastfeeding...I have 2 babies and tried hard to breastfeed both of them.

With my daughter I just couldn't get a latch... when my milk came in I was so full and hard it was damn near impossible to get her to latch, I'd pump to soften them but before she could even feed I'd be full again.

I wanted so bad for her to have breast milk I pumped exclusively for 4 months. Then I had my son and I tried the nipple shields and everything, still couldn't make it work.

I pumped for 2 months and gave up. SO frustrating! I wanted it so bad and I just couldn't do it... I hate the way that mom's who breastfeed are looked at like the shining stars while the ones who bottle feed feel like they have to hide at home rather than face the ridicule.

If you can breastfeed, fantastic so happy for you, but don't make moms who can't feel bad because they can't.

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Feb 16, 2013
I agree
by: Michelle MOLESWORTH

I have to confess, I was one of those people. If I saw mum giving a bottle I would think 'Why don't you breastfeed when it is so much better for your child?'.

Then I had low milk supply (a long story) and my son was losing weight and I had to give formula.

I was heartbroken and cried for months about it. If I was out and people asked about my baby, I would often throw into the conversation 'I had low milk supply and he was losing weight so I have been forced to give formula, but other than that all is fine' just so that they would not think badly of me in case I had to whip out a bottle.

Often the response was very reassuring or a story of their own breastfeeding issue. So I began to realize that many others did not think badly of me - it was the pressure I was putting on myself.

Now I am a lot more knowledgeable. If I see a mum giving a bottle - I don't judge. You never know the heartache behind why they are not breastfeeding.

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