Can't Breastfeed Please Help

by Dana

Hi there reading your stories is such a relief ,I have had a terrible time 4 months PP and no milk at all,no swollen breasts in pregnancy or after birth infect my boobs decreased.

This is my second baby within eighteen months and had no milk at all with my first either.

Both experiences have made me very tearful as I tried for four months, hours a day and nothing. I feel like a failure.

I wish there was more research or ket ppl tell you it sometimes doesn't work for every mother.

I too was ridiculed saying you can't being trying hard enough, tried all, the herbs,oatmeal and medicine from the Doctor and nothing nothing not one drop. I have finally given up .

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Mar 19, 2013
No milk it can happen !
by: Gail

This happened tp my sister in law ,and nurses ,friends family were quick to comment saying it isn't possible o have no milk,but it is I saw her try for hours and hours with a very frustrated baby that was getting no food at all I was begging g her to give the baby formula,I guess she was determined to make it simply didn't.

so please don't feel like a failure it simple doesn't happen the way it should for some people ,and a happy baby and mother is far more important x

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