Can't Breastfeed Preemie

by Drusilla
(Brooklyn, NY)

I had two preemies, a eight month 2lb 13 oz, the other full term 4lb 4 oz and both were bottle fed.

I tried and TRIED to breastfeed my children but I couldn't. I had a lactation specialist and other breast fed experienced moms try to help me but for some reason my breast would not produce milk, and believe me I tried everything known to woman but it didn't work.

So, I bottle fed my babies. And lo and behold they thrived!! To the astonishment of even the doctors my eight month premature daughter was released from the hospital a month after being born weighing 5 lbs 2 oz!

My son was released with me, 4 days later just shy of weighing 5 lbs. Every bottle I gave my babies were filled not only with milk, they were filled with LOVE.

My daughter stayed in the hospital 30 days and for 30 days I went to the hospital for her 6 am feeding and stayed until they kicked me out at 11pm. My daughter is now 27 and my son 37 years old. Yes, it was a long time ago, but I was still ridiculed for not breastfeeding, especially because both of my children were premature.

Three years ago I became a grandma for the first time and watched my daughter, the same child I couldn't breastfeed, breastfeed my grandson.

But as she tried to get him to latch on I didn't see her breast or lack of a bottle, I saw her love for him and knew no matter how this breastfeeding thing worked out, my grand baby would be alright.

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