Can't Breastfeed Sick Baby & other Compications

by Danielle - Nathan

When Nathan was born in October 2011 I just knew that I was going to have a vaginal birth with epidural and I was going to breastfeed until he was at least 6 mths old but hoping for a year.

I had these visions of breastfeeding him in the rocker we bought for his nursery and a few other simple little visions that I have learned being a first time mom-things just don't always work out as we think they will in our head before baby.

I had to have a c-sec. due to complications of labor-Nathan was not tolerating labor and was not doing good. He was in the NICU for 2 weeks due to liver issues (which the cause for any of his issues is a mystery, it was never determined-no infection, no genetic disorder-nothing).

I wasn't able to hold him one week after he was born in which we did have a good breastfeeding session with a lactation nurse, but the next week I got very sick and tried to nurse him, but I kept draining everywhere from looking down at him and I didn't feel comfortable exposing my germs to him and all the other babies so I decided to wait until I felt a little better so by the end of the week I tried again and Nathan just screamed at me anytime I tried to nurse him while he was in the NICU.

Once we got him home, Nathan had a lot of doctors appointments he had to go to, so I was having to time his eating, and me pumping around his appointments and it was getting VERY hard, not to mention when I was sick the week before the medicine I took had a decongestant which really jumpstarting me drying up.

I started taking Fenagreek to help my milk supply and it started to help, but at this point (3.5 weeks after he was born) I felt defeated on the breastfeeding journey.

Nathan was still not latching on and my supply that I was soooo proud of was quickly getting used up and my fear was Nahtan going hungry.

The GI doctor wanted him to take Progestimil formula by Enfamil (costs about $50 a tub) due to his liver, I don't know if any mother has ever tried that formula but it tastes like a chemical.

So now my delima was not the cost of the formula but Nathan would not eat it-I can't blame him. So luckily my mom gave us some Similac Advanced formula so I gave that to Nathan, and he ate it like a champ.

The GI doc was worried about him eating this formula because it was milk based, but thank goodness everything worked out and he's been eating that since he was almost 4 weeks old.

As I said earlier, I had many visions of nursing him and looking into his eyes while he ate, but it didn't work out like that. After crying about it and feeling guilty that he wasn't getting my breast milk, I KNEW that I was doing what I needed to do to feed him.

It does seem like mothers who have 0 problems breastfeeding can't really understand what it's like for mothers who want to, but per their circumstance, they can't and I know from experience that just because you don't have that natural birth like you planned or just because you can't beastfeed like you planned, no one will love that baby more than you and you will nurture and love your baby.

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